Daily Word

Just a simple page where I elaborate on a word everyday.

Yo soy Kaycee.: Snail


Snail- in reference to how slowly I have written a new blog.

Hello. If you are one of the few who read this, I would like for you to picture a snail in your mind. Small, slimy, shelled, and quite fragile. The more beautiful cousin to the slug (you know, the snail being Cinderella and slugs being…


So this whole “daily” thing isn’t working as well as I thought it would, but I will continue to try my best.

Although this word was not ‘technically’ given to me, it was somehow hinted that I write about it. Food is a slight passion of mine, as it should be for everyone. I really enjoy when I can eat something and it surprises me. Not only that, but I love to cook and bake! How can you say that cooking and eating your own food is not fulfilling? The fact that you made it makes it that much better.

Moving on to our word of the evening- cupcake. What a pleasant word that is! Of course when you think of a cupcake, you think of a beautiful and delicious baked good (unless you really hate cake and/or icing- then you think of a putrid sugary mound). If you are health conscious, you also think of how bad it is for you… but you just… can’t….stop. Ah cupcakes- little fragments of delight.

If I say the word aloud, which I just did in my empty and echoing house, I say it like a small child. That could just be my voice, which can sometimes sound very youthful, but for the most part I think it is just the way the word is supposed to sound. It is almost filled with surprise and innocence. Perhaps that is why it becomes a common nickname for a lover, child, or pet. But hopefully not a lover-that-is-a-child, child-lover, or pet-that-is-also-a-lover. As for myself, I do not think I could call someone cupcake unless I was joking. I mentally giggle at the thought and or notion of it. Again, a lack of maturity comes into play (I understand this is getting old). Joking aside, the brilliant innocence of this word is what makes it’s use as a nickname so adorable.

The cupcake. Let’s get real here- my favorite is a devil’s food cupcake with chocolate frosting. Unless it has my homemade cream cheese frosting on it… then it might be that. Alas, I know there are many more cupcakes out there to try, and I plan to seize this opportunity in my future. I encourage everyone to make themselves a batch of cupcakes, even if it is by yourself. If you have a sibling, parents, children, aunt, uncle, nana, papa, dog, squirrel- do it with them! However you do it, it is guaranteed to be fun. Even if you burn the cupcakes and they do not taste good, heck, you still learned something! So, in an effort to not sound like one of those commercials where they tell you to get in the kitchen with your family!, go bake some cupcakes today. 

Or go watch cuppycake boy and try not to smile. He is the most precious boy I have ever seen and heard.


Oh goodness. This word did not even exist in my world until a certain somebody, who claims they invented the word, told me about it. His name is Zeke Zizzle, and he is quite the thug. For those of you who are not familiar with the word ‘merk’, prepare to be enlightened via Urban Dictionary, my savior when it comes to being hip and with it.

Merk (v): 1. to kill someone; 2. to beat someone in a game; 3. to insult someone; 4. to injure someone (why does injure look like it is spelt wrong to me…)

Let’s get things straight. The first time I heard it, it reminded me of a pokemon. Which pokemon? Muk I’m assuming. Why do all these words somehow take a complete 180 and get connected to cartoons? Because I am mature and cartoons are extremely relevant in this and other adult situations. 

After I get past my pokemon allusions, I just think of murky water. Nasty, filthy, foggy liquid. When murk is compared to merk, the words tie together in some form or fashion- the only problem is that one is a verb that means something entirely different… Perhaps you could merk somebody with something that is murky. 

I suppose that I have merked a few people in my time, at least when it comes to basketball. I do not advocate the use of ‘merking’ when it comes to the first definition. And since I am being honest, yes, yes I have been merked on by many masters of merk. Once my team played an extremely classy team who tried to run the score up to 100 on us. Good memories!

Anywho, I believe it is healthy for all of us to experience a merking sometime in our life. Whether you are receiving or doling out the merk, it is a beautiful part of our lives.

And I just wrote way too much about a slang word.


The more that I stare at the word glass, the more it just makes sense. Say the word “glass” out loud. Listen to how it is smooth, yet sharp at the same time. Glass glass glass. It almost hurts to read repetitively.

The glass, also known as a basketball backboard, is what I aimed to touch when I jumped to my fullest potential on the court. It took me a while to even get my fingertips to touch it, and now I probably could not even hit the foam. Goodness… a glass backboard was something that I always desired in my driveway. My friend McKinsey had one (which they soon broke) and I was so jealous! Why did I have the plastic “Lifetime SLAM IT” backboard while everyone else had the better ones. I may have griped about this once or twice, but I still practiced on that dang backboard, preparing me for the fancy “glass” of a Varsity basketball game. End personal interlude.